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Traducteur officiel Lyon et Mulhouse. Our team, made up of expert translators officially recognized by the European judicial institutions, ensures the sworn translation, legalization and apostille of your official documents.

Sworn translations

CIVIL STATUS – Birth certificate, marriage certificate, residence certificate, death certificate, criminal record extract, family record book, passport, identity card …

SCHOOL – Transcript, school report, certificate, diploma …

LEGAL – Criminal record, divorce order, change of name, power of attorney, contract of sale, inheritance, notarial deed …

ADMINISTRATIVE – Miscellaneous certificates, naturalization file, adoption file, bank statement, insurance certificate, medical certificate, visa file …

WORK – Employment contract, CV, cover letter, professional certificate, internship certificate, training certificate, work certificate, pay slip …

COMMERCIAL – Contract, specifications, deed of purchase or sale, approval, articles of association, K-bis extract, employment certificate, balance sheet, company register, general conditions of sale …

TRANSPORT – Form, driver’s license, registration certificate, registration certificate, approval, insurance certificate, green insurance card …

TECHNICAL – Installation manual, user manual, brochure, report …

Notarial / Real Estate translations

When buying a property in France, English-speaking buyers or vendors are advised to call on the legal of a sworn translator, an expert from a court of appeal, in order to better understand the advice of their Notaire.

Ma Traduction Assermentée specializes into legal translation and meets the needs of notarial offices, real estate agencies or private individuals selling or buying real estate. Each translation is carried out by a bilingual lawyer, sworn translator, expert at a judicial institution. We have earned an excellent reputation among European notaries and solicitors.

We provide the expertise of translation services to a considerable number of customers in the acquisition and sale of real estate or for assistance with estate inheritance files (powers of attorney, deeds of probate, wills, etc.). The daily working relationship that we have with notaries makes it perfectly at ease with the legal routine related to the acquisition or sale of a property or the settlement of an estate, acting as a link between the notary’s office, the solicitor and the private customer.


Translated and sworn documents are sent to you in scanned version (jpeg or pdf) by email at first. The paper copy is sent by La Poste in a second time, the same day or the next day.

The deadlines below may be extended by one or two days if the documents are sent from a foreign country, but in the vast majority of cases they are met. As mail delivery is the responsibility of La Poste, we cannot, however, contractually commit to meeting the announced deadlines.

1 to 4 pages – 4 to 5 professional days
5 to 9 pages – 5 to 7 professional days
10 pages and more – 7 to 10 business days
In some cases we can exceptionally process your request urgently, with much shorter deadlines. Do not hesitate to ask us if necessary.

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