For you to be tax efficient we provide a full range of services from domestic compliance to complex individual advice. Whether it is personal or corporate tax we can guide you towards a solution best suited to your particular situation. We seek to find long-term solutions which minimise your tax burden whilst anticipating the likely future tax developments relevant to you.

Swiss Tax

For Swiss citizens, residents, and non-residents we provide Swiss taxation services for all the Cantons.
For newcomers to Switzerland, the Swiss pension system allows for highly tailored saving and investment schemes that can significantly lower your tax burden.
We also serve executives and their spouses from the United Nations Organisations and other NGO’s in all matters relating to taxation, savings and resident permits.

International Tax

The increasing burden of reporting to fiscal authorities worldwide means that for both Swiss and international clients, good tax advice and planning can have a bigger impact than the choice of your investments.
We provide a full tax service covering both personal and corporate tax matters. With our network of partners we cover complex multi-jurisdiction tax, administration right through to preparing and filing your tax declarations.
We also provide a stand-alone international tax advice to individuals and corporations.

– Tax Compliance

Swiss and UK tax reporting for beneficiaries of non-resident trusts is complex and requires careful monitoring of income and capital gains to ascertain tax pools for attribution to trust distributions. This is a service we  provide swiftly and efficiently. We generally work directly with your other professional advisors and board directors.
We also have a wealth of experience in tax enquiry and investigation work and provide advice in relation to the reporting of undisclosed liabilities to the various tax authorities.

– Business and corporate Taxation

Through our international network we are able to provide you with a full range of corporate services in many different jurisdictions from a single point of contact. Our services cover:
Taxation, tax negotiation and compliance
UK tax pool computations
Matters relating to US citizens and US residents
Negotiating tax rulings and providing all related services including payroll and accounting
Accounting & Audit
We verify that your affairs are correctly managed and ensure transparency with your partners and beneficiaries. We also perform valuation and forensic accounting services.
Many of our clients prefer to have their accounting and related documentary information kept in Switzerland. We provide a full bookkeeping and accounting service for our clients and for trustees of other trusts.

– Audit

Many of our clients opt for the peace of mind that an official audit provides, even when it is not a legal requirement. For the beneficiaries of trusts and partners in joint ventures an audit gives that extra reassurance that things are properly managed and everyone is playing by the rules.
We are registered auditors in Switzerland and in the United Kingdom, including British Virgin Islands and Ireland. Through our network of partners we can organise audits for most jurisdictions and for those where audits are not compulsory, or where auditors need not be registered.

– Valuations & due diligence

Through our network of M&A partners we are able to provide valuations based upon a variety of methods such as book value, DCF valuation, cost to build and compatibles. Essential elements should you wish to create your own “football field valuation chart”.

– Forensic

Over the years we have developed the necessary experience required to search and identify the real beneficiaries hidden within creative financial instruments and complex corporate structures. As lawyers and accountants specialised in both on-shore and off-shore structures we are ideally suited for this task.


With more than 35 years of experience and multiple winner of the “Best Independent Trust company” award, we are your trustee of choice. We were formerly part of the Rawlinson & Hunter network
We create carefully planned and structured trusts that enable you to preserve, protect and accumulate wealth, whilst minimising and deferring exposure to tax. We manage your onshore and offshore entities skillfully and sensibly. As your accredited auditor, we verify that the facts match the story you’ve been told. Our in-house accounting capabilities provide you with an accurate reflection of what has happened, discreetly.
Behind every trust is a family, with all the accomplishments to be proud of and all the challenges to deal with. Our mission is to help you preserve and grow your wealth and simplify the complexity. We will help you to reach your goals.

– Trust Strategy

We will take care of what is important for you by tailoring our solutions to your specific needs and circumstances. This may concern the preservation of your family business and inherited wealth to matters of potential conflict within your family such as succession or divorce.
On setting up your trust we will guide you expertly through the challenges of multiple jurisdictions, tax, regulatory and reporting requirements. We will find tailored solutions to ensure that your beneficiaries interests are maintained while the trust assets are preserved and can grow.
As your trustees, we are experienced in dealing sensitively with the demands and pressures faced by families. We ensure that full accountability and efficient administration is maintained, coupled with our ability to deal tactfully with your beneficiaries at every stage in life.

– Trust creation

Through our international network we are able to set up trusts and foundations across multiple jurisdictions and provide the necessary trusteeships, administration services and accounting. We are experienced in dealing with the most complex structures and are often called upon to simplify existing trusts especially with respect to changes in regulation, compliance and governance.

– Trust management and fee structure

We continuously monitor and adapt trusts to best meet the ever changing multi-jurisdictional factors such as compliance, reporting and governance. Whenever possible we reduce your administrative overhead.
We are an entirely independent regulated financial services group, free from the influence of an institutionalised shareholder and free of any conflict of interest. Our fees are structured in such a way as to align our interests with yours.

– Trustees

Because tomorrow’s world demands decisions in-tune with the “spirit of the age”, our approach is to know you well enough to interpret your wishes into appropriate actions. We take the time to get to know you first, to understand your values, life philosophy and gain insights on how you would like us to act and make decisions on your behalf.
Beyond our professional skills lie the values and family traditions of our carefully selected team members. You will feel at ease with us to discuss your personal and family matters. We listen actively to understand every aspect of your particular situation and above all, we make no false promises.

– Holding Swiss real-estate

Geneva Trust is the first trustee to hold Swiss real estate. We are authorised by the Canton of Vaud tax and Lex Koller authorities to act as a trustee for discretionary trusts with Swiss Settlor, for both Swiss and foreign beneficiaries.
cf. Revue de Droit administrative et de Droit Fiscal (RDAF), vol. 69, No. 4-5-6, pp. 596-600.